22 Jan 2024

Mastering Community Marketing in the Economic Development Landscape

In the fast-paced and competitive world of economic development, effectively marketing your community is paramount to attracting and capturing the attention of potential new business opportunities, expansions, developers, and discerning site selectors.

It’s crucial to employ strategic and visually compelling marketing techniques to navigate this ever-evolving landscape. Here are practical strategies and examples our Technical Solutions team has used to assist our #GAEnergyCities in marketing their communities.

One of the foundational pillars of successful community marketing is maintaining a consistent brand identity. In a world bombarded with information, simplicity stands out. The visual elements across all printed materials and online platforms should echo a unified message, from brand colors to logos to fonts.

Avoid overcrowded designs and opt for a visually pleasing, uncluttered design that conveys a professional and cohesive image.

Remember, less is more.

Economic Development thrives on data! Your community’s marketing strategy should reflect this. Transforming complex data into an easily digestible format is essential. Utilize infographics, charts, graphs, timeline visualization, case studies, sequential data flows, interactive data storytelling, emphasizing key data points with bold colors, annotations, callout boxes, etc… to present workforce data, industry trends, and market dynamics. This approach provides valuable insights into the community’s economic landscape, fostering informed decision-making.

In the digital age, leverage the widespread influence of social media to amplify your community’s story. Share beautifully designed images and videos across platforms, showcasing available resources, infrastructure, and business opportunities. Engage with your audience through regular updates, community highlights, and interactive content. Social media is a dynamic space for building relationships and fostering a positive image.

Transportation maps, parcel maps, regional maps, and conceptual designs are powerful tools to tell the story of your community’s logistics. These visuals can emphasize your strategic location, infrastructure advantages, connectivity, and key amenities while engaging maps provide valuable information and make a lasting impression. Online maps and interactive dashboards that engage viewers create a compelling narrative about the accessibility and potential of your community.

Capture attention and convey the essence of your community through drone imagery and professional photography. Aerial views provide a unique perspective, highlighting landscapes, development projects, and key landmarks. High-quality photography adds authenticity and professionalism to your materials, adding a layer of sophistication to your marketing efforts and making them visually appealing and persuasive.

Offline marketing remains a powerful tool. Utilize property flyers, brochures, starting a business flyers, incentive zone flyers, and poster boards as printed materials. Distribute them strategically during community events, meetings, shows, and seminars. These tangible materials create a lasting impact and serve as a quick reference.

Marketing your community is a collaborative effort. Collaboration remains the cornerstone of successful economic development. Could you collaborate with different agencies and stakeholders to leverage the available resources? Pooling expertise and funding can lead to innovative campaigns and projects that showcase the collective strength of your community. For example, partnerships with local businesses and educational institutions can create mutually beneficial initiatives.