22 Aug 2023

Georgia Energy Cities: Powering Statewide Industrial Development

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In the ever-evolving landscape of economic development, partnerships have proven to be catalysts for growth and innovation. In our recent announcement, the Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (Gas Authority) unveiled a partnership set to accelerate Georgia’s economic development landscape.

A Unified Vision for Progress

Together, we’re forging a dynamic chapter where collective strength propels us forward. With a unified vision and unwavering commitment, the Georgia Energy Cities partnership aims to create an environment where businesses thrive within a nurturing ecosystem. This partnership underscores the unwavering commitment to Georgia’s economic prosperity.

Simplifying the Path to Success

The Georgia Energy Cities partnership’s commitment is to make the business landscape more accessible and accommodating. By offering a single point of contact, it streamlines the site selection process, making it easier for businesses to make quick and informed decisions about their locations. This means that entrepreneurs and enterprises can focus their energy on what truly matters—building and growing their ventures.

Energy Costs and Inclusive Growth

Energy plays a vital role as a determining factor in business decisions. Our collaboration supports municipally owned electric and natural gas cities, ensuring growth for the Georgia Energy Cities. Uniting our 93 energy communities, the partnership is poised to strengthen our mission for inclusive development that reaches every corner of the state.

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