31 Jul 2023

Press Release: ECG and the Gas Authority Announce Partnership Forming the Georgia Energy Cities

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ATLANTA, GeorgiaElectric Cities of Georgia (ECG) and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (Gas Authority) have created a new force for economic development in Georgia. This strategic partnership recognizes the importance of strong statewide connections, and these two organizations will work together under the new Georgia Energy Cities initiative to grow Georgia together through statewide economic development efforts.

As Georgia continues to attract companies such as Kia, Microsoft, and Meta, the partnership between ECG and the Gas Authority aims to provide a robust pipeline of resources and leverage years of local experience to serve as a catalyst for connecting businesses to people and resources needed for companies to choose Georgia.

“The strategic partnership between ECG and the Gas Authority presents an exciting opportunity to collaborate and drive statewide industrial growth,” stated ECG CEO Walter West. “The Georgia Energy Cities Alliance will lead the way in promoting industrial growth and fostering innovation.”

The partnership addresses the need for enhanced support of municipally owned electric and gas utility systems in offering increased exposure on a global scale while ensuring local alignment with state marketing resources to bring statewide economic development to our Georgia Energy Cities.

“This new economic development alliance to grow Georgia and our communities is a natural fit for us,” says the Gas Authority President & CEO Arthur Corbin. “We recognize the crucial role energy plays in powering our businesses and industries. We are excited about investing in our great state alongside Georgia’s other utility organizations. We also recognize the powerful synergy of working together with a trusted partner like ECG.”

The Georgia Energy Cities Alliance unites 93 energy communities across the state, fostering continued growth and economic development. Through this shared vision, Georgia aims to build a stronger and more vibrant economy to assist businesses looking to locate to the #1 State for Doing Business. Serving as a single point of contact, the alliance provides expedient access to community leaders, electric and gas resources, and up-to-date databases of properties throughout the state, all through one connection.

The ECG statewide economic development team works closely with the Georgia Department of Economic Development to bolster Georgia’s growth. We match specific project parameters with suitable communities and properties, organize site visits, and facilitate meetings between company representatives and state and local officials.

About ECG:

ECG is a membership organization representing the 52 electric utility communities of Georgia. Our members provide electricity to over 300,000 customers, representing more than 2,000 megawatts of electricity sold each year. Our Office of Economic & Community Development’s strategic focus revolves around four key areas: Business Recruitment, Project Management, Community Development, and Technical Solutions; dedicated to nurturing the growth of communities by attracting industrial, commercial, and retail development, assisting with strategic planning, and providing customized research, mapping, and marketing materials.

About the Gas Authority:

The Gas Authority is the largest non-profit natural gas joint action agency in the U.S., serving over 250,000 customers across five states. Their mission is to provide municipalities with a reliable, economical supply of natural gas and to assist them in developing and growing their gas systems to optimize the benefits of public ownership.

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ECG | Communications
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