Georgia’s Hope Scholarship

Education and graduation are the keys to economic prosperity, both for Georgians and the state’s economy. Together they build a strong foundation for today’s young people and ensure a future full of hope.
Georgia’s HOPE scholarship program was introduced in 1993. HOPE stands for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally. Since its inception, more than $2.7 billion in financial assistance have been awarded to more than 850,000 deserving Georgia students attending state colleges, universities and technical colleges. Financed by the Georgia Lottery, the scholarship pays for the tuition, books and fees of high-achieving, eligible Georgia students who maintain a “B” average. The financial aid offices of 105 postsecondary schools in Georgia determine HOPE eligibility.

Since 1993, enrollment at Georgia’s two-year, four-year and technical colleges has increased and average SAT scores have risen by 32 points. More and more of the state’s best students are choosing to continue their education in Georgia.

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