Georgia Telecommunications Infrastructure & Providers

Telecom infrastructure is the backbone of today’s corporate world, and Georgia offers businesses a state-of-the-art infrastructure. In fact, the first fiber-optic cable was manufactured in Georgia. Today, the state is the hub for the country’s two-largest fiber-optic trunk routes, with more than 500,000 miles of fiber optics across all of Georgia.

Georgia has more than a dozen companies offering commercial leasing of satellite uplink services. They provide fixed, mobile and voice-and-data-only uplinks. The Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical Systems (GSAMS) video network interactively connects 400 distance learning/teleconferencing sites, including state colleges and universities, technical and adult education facilities and telemedicine sites. This gives the residents of Georgia’s smallest communities access to highly specialized diagnostic equipment. SmartRing service, which provides an alternate ring transmission path in the event of equipment or facility failure, is available in metro Atlanta. In addition, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches, a cutting-edge technology that facilitates faster and more reliable all-optical transmission of data, are also available.

Georgia Telecommunications Deregulation

The Georgia legislature effectively deregulated the state’s telecommunications services well ahead of the national debate. This development, combined with increased access to local and national capital, has propelled the state’s growth in telecommunications and information technology services and products. It has also expanded the competitive choices available for all local businesses.