08 Nov 2023

ECG Welcomes New Geospatial Designer

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ECG’s Office of Economic and Community Development welcomes new Technical Solutions team member, Sara Kaminski, Geospatial Designer. At ECG, we recognize that the economic development industry is constantly evolving, and thus, we are confident that our team members will bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that supports the growth of our Georgia Energy Cities.

The ECG Technical Solutions team offers support to our member communities in their unique economic development endeavors by providing tailored research, comprehensive GIS mapping, and top-notch marketing resources for our Georgia Energy Cities. Our data visualization services provide a unique and insightful dimension to the analysis, enabling businesses to view potential expansion locations from a fresh perspective and make informed decisions with added confidence. With this in mind, we welcome Sara Kaminski to our team.

“We’re thrilled to have Sara join our team, bringing her expertise and innovative approach to spatial data analysis,” said Michelle Holbrook, Director of External Affairs. “Her arrival is a valuable addition to our Technical Solutions team. As we open our doors to fresh perspectives, we eagerly anticipate how Sara’s experience in community and urban planning will further elevate our services, ultimately enhancing our commitment to serving our members.”

Sara Kaminski joins our Technical Solutions team, working with Michelle Holbrook, Director of External Affairs, to develop innovative solutions, optimize spatial layouts, and create visually appealing representations of geospatial data in industrial, commercial, and mixed-use development opportunities incorporating both 2D and 3D visualizations, delivering various customized marketing materials to enhance our member communities’ economic development efforts. 

“I’m excited to join the Economic & Community Development team and use my Planning and GIS expertise to serve The Georgia Energy Cities and contribute to their growth and development!”

Prior to working with ECG, Sara served as the GIS Manager and Community Planner for the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission where she worked directly with local government staff, elected officials, and members to provide assistance with Community & Economic Development and local & regional planning.

We are committed to fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment where all team members can thrive and contribute meaningfully. Join us in welcoming Sara to the team as we look forward to achieving great things together!