18 Aug 2023

Exploring Southwest Georgia with the ECG | MEAG Power Economic Development Bus Tour

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This week marked another momentous occasion as our Georgia Energy Cities rolled out the red carpet to welcome the ECG | MEAG Power Economic Development Southwest Bus Tour, displaying the great opportunities they can provide for potential businesses interested in locating in Georgia.

The tour brought state partners from ECGMEAG Power, the Gas Authority, the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD)Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the University of Georgia, and Southern Regional Technical College, to explore our communities and their infrastructure firsthand. 

It is a unique opportunity for economic development project managers on a statewide level to visit and hear firsthand about the communities, learn what they have to offer, and what makes it a desirable location for businesses. State project managers act as the point of contact to link business owners that are looking to relocate or expand in Georgia with the communities that fit their location needs.

 This exposure to economic development opportunities only heightens the potential economic and business growth for these cities. Touring sites like Albany’s RiverQuarium, Bainbridge’s Commodore Industrial Park, Blakely’s Brewer’s Manufacturing, Cairo’s First & Broad Pizza Company, Camilla’s Hays LTI headquarters, to Thomasville’s Red Hills Business Park 1915 South; truly underscores the essence of why we do what we do. Seeing passionate Economic Development professionals speaking about their communities and what they have to offer reminded us that, as their global sales team, we can have a profound impact on our communities.

Our Georgia Energy Cities own and operate their own electric or gas utility, making the utility a financial and infrastructural asset to the community and an attractive location for potential global business owners. Hosted by ECG and MEAG Power, we toured seven Southwest Georgia Cities: Albany, Blakely, Bainbridge, Cairo, Camilla, Thomasville, and Whigham.

For more details on how we received the royal treatment on our Southwest Georgia Bus Tour, visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages @ECGlocationgeorgia.

Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (Gas Authority) have created a new force for economic development in Georgia. This strategic partnership recognizes the importance of strong statewide connections, and these two organizations will work together under the new Georgia Energy Cities initiative to grow Georgia together through statewide economic development efforts.