15 May 2020

Economic Impact of Housing in Georgia Discussion with The Georgia Conservancy

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Our strategic partners at The Georgia Conservancy hosted an insightful and fun discussion around the economic impact of housing in Georgia. We were honored to participate and contribute to this pivotal conversation and look forward to continuing this dialogue and being a resource for our members on this increasingly relevant economic development topic.

Our Director of Economic Development, Mill Graves joined in the conversation as a subject matter expert and thought leader to share his expertise on the housing perspective and the community support resources required.

“Housing is an important piece of the economic development puzzle. Having quality housing is directly correlated to having a successful local economy and particularly in attracting business. More and more companies want to understand what the regional and local housing situations look like. Are they going to have the opportunity to attract talent? From a local standpoint as a municipality, as a local economic development authority, do you have the ability to retain that talent with the housing that you have and then attracts new workforce to recruit industries?”

You can access the full version of the discussion with our partners at The Georgia Conservancy from the Facebook Live, here.