08 Aug 2023

Jon McBrayer Assumes New Role as Community Development Project Manager

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Community Development is a critical aspect of fostering thriving societies, and it takes passionate and skilled individuals to drive meaningful change. We are delighted to announce that Jon R. McBrayer, MPA has been named Community Development Project Manager.  

His experience and passion for fostering strong and vibrant communities, makes Jon a perfect fit for this position within the Economic & Community Development team. Prior to joining ECG, he worked with the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission. There he engaged closely with local government staff, elected officials and members of the public, offering valuable assistance for their community-focused initiatives. Jon assumed a leadership role, steering numerous community projects such as comprehensive planning, street and trail plans, as well as pre-disaster mitigation strategies.  

“One key attribute that makes Jon stand out is his genuine passion for working with people. The same dedication that fueled his GIS endeavors will now be directed toward addressing the needs and aspirations of our communities.”
Daryl Ingram, Sr. VP and Chief External Officer, ECG

At ECG, we understand that Community Development is not just about implementing projects but also about building relationships and fostering a sense of belonging within our Georgia Energy Cities. Our main focus is to enhance the quality of life and help support and grow our member communities.

“I am excited to get back into Community Development and utilize my background in both GIS and community planning,” said McBrayer. “While at the Regional Commission, I developed a passion for helping communities, and I am looking forward to this new role within ECG.”

Congratulations, Jon. We’re excited for the new journey ahead and the positive impact you’ll bring to the Community Development Project Manager role.