30 Jan 2023

A Partnership For Georgia Energy Cities

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fyi – GA’s Energy Cities at Work

  • A Partnership for Georgia Energy Cities – Through a new and innovative strategic alliance, cities have garnered new support to elevate economic and community development in their communities and the state.
  • Rivian Puts Georgia on the MapRivian invested in a $5 billion assembly plant and battery factory, making our state a tour de force in the EV industry.
  • Expanding the Entrepreneurial EcosystemExpanding the entrepreneurship ecosystem is an ongoing initiative thriving across our state among our higher education institutions, chambers of commerce, and other state partners that want to grow Georgia start-ups.

Through a new and innovative strategic alliance, these cities have garnered new support to elevate economic and community development in their communities and the state. The Gas Authority of Georgia, which is the largest non-profit natural gas joint-action agency in the U.S. and wholesale gas provider for its 67 Georgia municipal members will collaborate with ECG’s Office of Economic Development. This joint municipal-based alliance offers Georgia’s Energy Cities an opportunity to bring expanded resources to Georgia’s already strong economic development team.

“The alliance was a natural fit for many reasons. Twenty-four of ECG’s 52 members provide both electricity and natural gas to their communities.” – Scott Tolleson, VP, Member Support, Gas Authority

With ECG experience and existing resources and the immediate influx of Gas Authority investment, the alliance and ongoing arrangements provide more local resources and a larger megaphone for Georgia in the highly competitive drive to locate industry and/or retain existing industry. Bainbridge, a natural gas retailer and member of the Gas Authority, is the first alliance member to subscribe to ECG’s full range of economic and community development services. The services include a wide range of resources, e.g.,
technical solutions, retail and commercial recruitment and community development expertise.

“Successful 21st-century economic development initiatives will be mostly data-driven. Prospects want visual and user-friendly data. ECG has the tools to assist cities with this effort.”
– Daryl Ingram, ECG Executive.

Performance Accolades

Newnan | Poriferous, LLC
Small Business Rock Star
One of Six Honorees
Outstanding Downtown of the Year
Georgia Downtown Association
Fitzgerald | Polar Beverage
GEDA Small Community
Deal of the Year

ECG Technical Solutions Experts Win Industry Nods

The ECG Economic and Community Development team represents electric municipalities on numerous statewide initiatives and produces high-tech tools on trends, prospect presentation packages, and statistics.

A multi-person team utilized ArcGIS, a next-generation storytelling platform, to produce an award-winning story map about Georgia’s advanced manufacturing. This web-based application allows users to share maps in the context of narrative text and other multimedia content. The advanced manufacturing story map works to answer the question for potential investors, “Why choose Georgia for Advanced Manufacturing?”

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