27 Apr 2021

Imagine Thomasville Generates a Trifecta

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  • Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce with the new Imagine Thomasville Podcast.
  • Red Hills Business Park in Thomasville is growing with three new companies moving in.
  • Courtyard by Marriott opens its doors in Downtown Thomasville.

It began with conversations on the streets of Thomasville asking individuals, “What do you think of when I say Imagine Thomasville?” Some thought an art exhibit, a tourism or leadership initiative. The interviews continued but the news remained yet untold.

Imagine Thomasville Podcast

Weeks later, with the first Imagine Thomasville podcast, Shelley Zorn (Director, Payroll Development Authority) and Andrea Collins (Executive Director, Thomasville-Thomas Chamber of Commerce) revealed a re-branding of the longstanding relationship between the countywide economic development body, officially named The Payroll Development Authority and the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce.

The result of the partnership is Imagine Thomasville, The Welcome Center for Business, Connecting Business and Building Community.

The mercurial hand of serendipity or maybe just hard work at the very best time brought new energy to Imagine Thomasville. Two hundred jobs and three new companies boost the local corporate roster after an economic year scarred by a pandemic. The Red Hills Business Park, a 293-acre Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) Industrial Park, will be their homes.

According to Zorn, the Ashley’s Home Furniture store, which is already based out of Thomasville, will add a distribution center to the community.

“That will be a thirteen-million-dollar investment and one hundred and fifty new jobs,” said economic developer Zorn.

An Alabama-based trucking company known as Yellow Freight will also bring in new jobs. Zorn said at least 40 positions will become available in mid-April and drivers will be paid $20-$21 an hour with benefits according to Zorn.

Concrete Enterprises LLC, which is owned by country music star Luke Bryan and his childhood friend, Jason Wiggins make the third new business. It is an addition to the construction material business sector. The main office is in Lee County, Bryan’s Georgia home.

Ready For Occupancy

Red Hills Business Park is moving dirt for the three new businesses, Ashley Home Furniture Distribution Center, Yellow Freight, and Concrete Enterprises, LLC. This kind of business park is ideal for those eager to move forward with little time to waste, with utilities and roads already in place. Located near the Georgia Florida state line, Thomasville offers easy access to major markets. Tracts are available in one to 90 acres. For the local economy and the state, jobs and economic growth improve the quality of life for everyone.

Two blocks from a thriving downtown, another multi-million-dollar investment is ready for occupancy. The 100-room Thomasville Courtyard by Marriott opened in March 2021. It is a tremendous plus for a city with year-round tourism traffic. The design team honored the historic structures with a low-profile skyline. Guests will see artwork indicative of the beauty of South Georgia.

A first initiative of the Imagine Thomasville brand will honor the 100th anniversary of the chamber’s existence as well as local 100-year-old businesses through social media, newsletters, podcasts, and all community marketing. Look for some great storytelling amidst newcomers with exciting new stories to unveil.