29 Apr 2016

Legacy Housing, LTD expanding in Putnam County

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Putnam County’s newest industrial resident is in a familiar business.  Legacy Housing, LTD, a builder and distributor of manufactured homes, worked with ECG’s Senior Business Development Associate Lonnie Smallwood and Wylly Harrison of the Georgia Department of Economic Development to bring operations to Eatonton, GA. “I’m really proud of this project.  The loss of Horton Homes was a setback for Putnam County, but also created a great opportunity.  The closing freed a large pool of skill-specific labor, and left a ready-made facility in waiting – we just needed to find the right fit.  Legacy Housing acquired the property and, thanks in great part to the trained workforce, began a very aggressive plan to ready the first production line for a February launch.  Their plans also include an expansion into the Tiny House market in 2017 – necessitating the hire of an additional 150 – 200 employees.”

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