15 Mar 2013

Walmart Opens in Camilla

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ECG’s Economic & Community Development Team is proud to announce a new Walmart opened earlier this year adjacent to the existing store in the City of Camilla. The new store will be roughly twice the size of the existing store and will hire 60 additional employees.

“The Walmart project is a great example of how a community and retailer can work together to the benefit of both parties,” said Jason Fritz, ECG Retail Business Development.

Paige Gilchrist with the Mitchell County Development Authority and Bennett Adams, City Manager of Camilla, were both instrumental in working with Walmart to help foster a business-friendly environment which was key in keeping Walmart in Camilla and Mitchell County. It was previously announced that the current store was closing and 85 people would be losing their jobs. Instead, they are now hiring for 60 new positions.

“The location of the new Walmart raises our public profile. It will make us more of a sub-regional market. As a result, it should help other retail stores in the area. When folks come to shop at Walmart, they may choose to visit other local establishments while they’re here,” said Bennett Adams, Camilla City Manager.