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Michael Pichon

GIS Analyst

Techinical Solutions

Michael is a GIS Analyst with ECG on their Economic and Community Development Department team.  Michael assists in preparing, designing, and implementing digitized maps and related materials to support investment and job creation in Georgia communities. He is responsible for managing, researching, and quality assurance for all mapping products.

Prior to joining ECG, Michael was a GIS Technician at Georgia Power where he worked to design construction prints for line crews to spatially reference utility assets. He worked on projects ranging specifically for roadway lighting LED installations and replacements, to hazardous weather audits, ensuring the database correctly reflected an area after a severe storm.  In addition to utility data, Michael has also designed vulnerability maps of the Aegean Sea for Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation, with a focus being to save its rare and diverse biodiversity from human impacts, specifically related to shipping routes throughout.

Michael is a graduate from Colorado State University with a degree in Anthropology and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Northeastern University. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and two dogs, and enjoys taking long walks around the neighborhood while also exploring this beautiful state as much as he can.

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Michael Pichon