Pecan Grove Industrial Park

Site Description

  • The park is a 240-acre tract of land (divisible into flexible parcel sizes) in Dougherty, County Georgia.
  • The city of Albany is one of Georgia’s larger metropolitan areas – and situated between several other large cities including Macon, GA, Columbus, GA, Dothan, AL, and Tallahassee, FL.
  • Several established industrial businesses currently occupy the front of the park, with the remaining sections isolated from major road thoroughfare and traffic.
  • The property is controlled by the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission, which can offer companies local incentives such as property tax abatements, financing options for sale or lease of land and constructed building, and deal-closing incentives based on size and scope of the project.
  • There are no covenant restrictions related to data center construction or equipment.
  • Average yearly temperatures are around 66 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for free cooling options


  • Albany Utilities provides complete utility services to this site – including electric, gas, water/sewer and telecommunications.
  • This site is eligible for a one-time customer choice on electrical service from potential providers including the Albany Utilities, Georgia Power and Mitchell EMC.
  • The site is serviced by 115 kV transmission lines and a 115/12 kV, 22.4 MVA transformer capacity at the nearest substation – which could service as a single-source supply up to 13 MVA through a dedicated distribution circuit.
  • Existing transmission and substation infrastructure can service redundancy requirements up to approximately 10 MVA, with build-out time of 3/12 months for distribution.
  • The city has an active 4” gas main serving the park, along with an 12” water main and 10”” wastewater line.
  • City of Albany telecommunication services are on-site; fiber is connected to major long-haul Georgia IT arteries and corridors; private providers are in close proximity to serve as redundant carriers including Windstream.


  • Both the city and county provide police and fire protection (fire rating – 3) for the park; both police and fire stations within 2 miles of site.
  • Albany and Dougherty County face little risk of natural disasters, with no earthquakes on record and low tornado activity (2 between 2001 and 2009).

Education and Labor

  • With nearly 130,000 people living within a 30-minute drive to site, Dougherty County boasts a strong civilian and military workforce with the nearby Marine Corps Logistics Base.
  • Dougherty County is home to six colleges, including technical schools offering a number of degrees including computer programming, engineering, and technology.

Additional Resources

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