ECG: Shovel Ready Sites, GRAD Approved

Georgia's Shovel Ready Sites are GRAD Approved!

Many industrial site selection projects are conducted on a rapid schedule. Prospective companies often decline to consider sites that are not known to be well prepared for development. In response to this need, the Georgia Department of Economic Development has launched the Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development Sites Program (or GRAD Sites Program).

The GRAD Sites Program is a proactive effort by Georgia’s economic development community to develop a pool of available sites ready for industrial development. The GRAD designation for an industrial site means that the site has been pre-reviewed and pre-qualified by an experienced professional site selection consultant.

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Georgia Overview Map of GRAD Sites
GRAD Site Program Criteria

Georgia Ready For Accelerated Development Sites

Fall Line Regional Industrial Park - Baldwin County, Georgia
Fall Line Regional Industrial Park Flyer

Milledgeville-Baldwin County Industrial Park - Baldwin County, Georgia
Milledgeville-Baldwin County Industrial Park Flyer

Sibley Smith Industrial Park - Baldwin County, Georgia
Sibley Smith Industrial Park Flyer

One University Parkway - Barrow County, Georgia
One University Parkway Flyer

Park 53 Industrial/Technology Park - Barrow County, Georgia
Park 53 Industrial/Technology Park Flyer

University Parkway Manufacturing & Research Site - Barrow County, Georgia
University Parkway Manufacturing & Research Site Flyer

Highland 75 Industrial/Corporate Park - Bartow County, Georgia
Highland 75 Industrial/Corporate Park Flyer

Perry House Road Site - Ben Hill County, Georgia
Perry House Road Site Flyer

Airport East Industrial Park - Bibb County, Georgia
Airport East Industrial Park Flyer

Sofkee Industrial Site - Bibb County, Georgia
Sofkee Industrial Park Flyer

Belfast Commerce Centre - Bryan County, Georgia
Belfast Commerce Centre Flyer

Brooks County Industrial Park - Brooks County, Georgia
Brooks County Industrial Park Flyer

Interstate Centre - Bryan County, Georgia
Interstate Centre Flyer

Gateway Regional Industrial Park II - Bulloch County, Georgia
Gateway Regional Industrial Park II Flyer

Southern Gateway Commerce Park - Bulloch County, Georgia
Southern Gateway Commerce Park Flyer

Kingsland Business Park - Baldwin County, Georgia
Kingsland Business Park Flyer

Villages of Kingsland - Commerce Park - Camden County, Georgia
Villages of Kingsland - Commerce Park Flyer

Metter I-16 Industrial Park - Candler County, Georgia
Metter I-16 Industrial Park Flyer

Temple Industrial Park Phase II - Carroll County, Georgia
Temple Industrial Park Phrase II Flyer

Cherokee 75 - Cherokee County, Georgia
Cherokee 75 Flyer

Compass Industrial Park - Chatham County, Georgia
Compass Industrial Park Flyer

Citizens Business Park - Colquitt County, Georgia
Citizens Business Park Flyer

South Cook Industrial Park - Cook County, Georgia
South Cook Industrial Park Flyer

Trenton-Dade Industrial Park - Dade County, Georgia
Trenton-Dade Industrial Park Flyer

Pecan Grove Industrial Park - Dougherty County, Georgia
Pecan Grove Industrial Park Flyer

Elberton Industrial Park Site - Elbert County, Georgia
Elberton Industrial Park Site Flyer

Airport Industrial Park - Emanuel County, Georgia
Airport Industrial Park Flyer

Claxton-Evans County Industrial Park West - Evans County, Georgia
Claxton-Evans County Industrial Park West Flyer

North Floyd Rail Site- Floyd County, Georgia
North Floyd Rail Site Flyer

Golden Isles Gateway Industrial Park- Glynn County, Georgia
Golden Isles Gateway Industrial Park Site Flyer

Gateway Industrial Centre - Hall County, Georgia
Gateway Industrial Centre Flyer

Middle GA Corporate Center West - Houston County, Georgia
Middle GA Corporate Center West Flyer

Jefferson Distribution Center - Jackson County, Georgia
Jefferson Distribution Center Flyer

Belle Springs- Jackson County, Georgia
Belle Springs Flyer

Kings Mill Commerce Park- Jefferson County, Georgia
Kings Mill Commerce Park Flyer

Heart of Georgia Mega Site- Laurens County, Georgia
Heart of Georgia Mega Site Flyer

Tradeport East Business Center - Liberty County, Georgia
Tradeport East Business Center Flyer

Tradeport West Business Center - Liberty County, Georgia
Tradeport West Business Center Flyer

Bassford Business Park - Lowndes County, Georgia
Bassford Business Park Flyer

Miller Business Park - Lowndes County, Georgia
Miller Business Park Flyer

Westside Business Park - Lowndes County, Georgia
Westside Business Park Flyer

Stone Industrial Park - McDuffie County, Georgia
Stone Industrial Park Flyer

Tidewaters Industrial Park - McIntosh County, Georgia 
Tidewaters Industrial Park Flyer

Meridian 75 Logistics Center - Monroe County, Georgia 
Meridian 75 Logistics Center Flyer

Muscogee Technology Park - Muscogee County, Georgia
Muscogee Technology Park Flyer

Georgia Historic Heartland Megasite - Newton County, Georgia
Georgia Historic Heartland Megasite Flyer

Stanton Springs - Newton, Walton & Morgan Counties, Georgia
Stanton Springs Flyer

Cedartown North Business Park Phase 2 - Polk County, Georgia
Cedartown North Business Park Phase 2 Flyer

Augusta Corporate Park - Richmond County, Georgia
Augusta Corporate Park Flyer

Screven County Industrial Park - Screven County, Georgia
Screven County Industrial Park Flyer

The Lakes at Green Valley - Spalding County, Georgia
The Lakes at Green Valley Flyer

Hayestone Brady Industrial Park - Stephens County, Georgia
Hayestone Brady Industrial Park Flyer

Glennville Industrial Park - Tattnall County, Georgia
Glennville Industrial Park Flyer

Red Hills Business Park - Thomas County, Georgia
Red Hills Business Park Flyer

Toombs Corporate Center at US 1 - Toombs County, Georgia
Toombs Corporate Center at US 1 Flyer

Central Georgia Business & Technology Park - Upson County, Georgia
Central Georgia Business & Technology Park Flyer

Fall Line Industrial Park West- Washington County, Georgia
Fall Line Industrial Park West Flyer

Sandersville Industrial Park- Washington County, Georgia
Sandersville Industrial Park Flyer

Wayne Highway 341 South Industrial Park - Wayne County, Georgia
Wayne Highway 341 South Industrial Park Flyer

Carbondale Business Park - Whitfield County, Georgia
Carbondale Business Park Flyer

Worth Industrial Complex - Worth County, Georgia
Worth Industrial Complex Flyer

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